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4 Things Parents Should Keep in Mind when Planning a Nursery

a perfect DIY nursery

If you’re an expectant parent, at some point you may get the urge to “nest.” Nesting is normal and is often focused on a single room: the nursery. Not sure where to start when creating the perfect space for your new addition? Then you definitely need to check out these tips from Sleepily Ever After! They include a few helpful hacks for getting your baby to sleep through the night, but you can also find a few more sleep secrets and tips by visiting the Sleepily Every After blog.

Take Care of Safety Issues

Broken or leaky window in the room? Or maybe there are tons of electrical outlets?

You may already recognize that these sorts of issues can pose a hazard to your baby’s health and safety. If you need to have a window repaired, you will likely need to find a contractor. To ensure you hire a reliable company, look up ratings and average costs online before you call. Also take independent steps to confirm that they are properly licensed and insured.

The average cost to fix a broken window is $290 but totals can be higher or lower depending on what sort of issue needs to be addressed. For electrical outlets and other baby proofing, you can save money by tackling these projects on your own. You’ll just need a few supplies.

Think About Function First

Once you have basic repairs and baby proofing completed, you can begin brainstorming about the design of your nursery. Remember to prioritize function. For example you may be eyeing an intricate mobile, but keeping things simple in the nursery will help your baby sleep better.

You also need to set up the nursery to support you and your partner. If you are the mother, you will be spending a lot of time in the room nursing your child. As such, you will want to invest in a quality chair that will be comfortable enough for you and your little one. Gliders are a top pick.

Before you purchase nursery furniture, also make sure that it’s approved for health and safety.

Then Add Some Personality

Safety and practicality are essential when designing a nursery. But you also deserve to have a little fun setting up this space for you and baby. Many new parents find it helpful to choose a theme and then focus the remaining color palette, furniture and décor around this.

Now of course you also want your baby’s room to grow with them, and this is why you may want to keep the walls a bit neutral and then experiment with color, pattern and cute themes with smaller pieces of décor. You can also find furniture, including cribs, that will be easy to convert.

Safety standards for cribs can change from year to year and newer styles may offer additional features that can be helpful for parents and their budgets. So be sure to check out recommendations from other parents and online reviews before you invest in one.

Consider Consulting Professionals

Depending on your due date, you may have too much on your plate to worry about designing a nursery. That’s okay! Because if you have some room in your budget, you can always consider hiring a designer to plan and perfect your baby’s space for you. Then you won’t have to stress!

By the way, did you know that you can also hire professionals who can help you and your baby get better sleep? In addition to informative blog posts, Sleepily Ever After also offers several services and packages for families in need of a good night’s sleep. You can check them out to see if one may be right for your needs and you can find free tips and resources on their website.

You don’t need a degree or a ton of time to design a nursery that will be perfect for welcoming your little one! All you really need is a practical plan and an emphasis on safety, and then you can add any design or style elements you desire. If designing a nursery isn’t your thing or you don’t want to DIY, hire professionals!

Erin Reynolds,

DIY Mama

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