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" I had a Baby, Now What?" (Your Postpartum Body) by Megan Schaner PT

“When I told my doctor at my 6 week postpartum appointment that I was having trouble with incontinence, he said ‘you had a baby, what do you expect?’”

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard these stories in my treatment room. Stories of new moms struggling with incontinence, pain, strength limitations, difficulty returning to activities they love and being told that’s “just the way it is” after you have a child.

My name is Megan Schaner PT, DPT, CDN and I’m a pelvic health physical therapist with Select Physical Therapy in Castle Rock with a passion for helping new moms navigate their new bodies and return to the things they love. Being a new mom means bonding with your baby, but also bonding with your new body. The process of pregnancy and childbirth is an amazing feat of the female body, but can also bring about multiple changes that can leave new moms feeling isolated.

Physical therapy can be a great starting point to help guide you through the post-partum process. We can assess things that many new moms experience like pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, muscle spasms, low back pain, hip pain, or whatever else you may be experiencing. After your assessment, we can give you recommendations on the best next steps. This may include safe fitness class recommendations, a postpartum return to running program, injury prevention information, a home exercise program designed specifically for you, or anything else to help you return to the activities you love.

The most important thing to remember is the way you are feeling is normal and there are people out there to help you achieve your goals, all you have to do is ask.

diastasis recti, postpartum care,

Please feel free to reach out with questions!

Megan Schaner PT, DPT, CDN

Center Manager

Select Physical Therapy-Castle Rock South

814 S Perry St Unit D

Castle Rock, CO 80104


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