The 4 Tips Every Busy Mama Needs to Finally Make Time for Her Health

Everyone always needs me. Seriously though, the toddler, the baby, the dogs, my husband, mother-in-law, work, voicemails to return, dinners to prepare (so many dinners…) It feels like everyone always needs me all of the time. Does this sound familiar to you?

So maybe you want to start working out more, or eat something besides the food off of your toddlers’ tray, or maybe you want to try that meditating thing that everyone keeps raving about. But how? How do you find the time to finally makes these goals a priority when life is so dang busy?

People always say things like, “create more me time” or “fill up your cup first.” And while this is great advice it still doesn’t answer the question of how?? Like, okay great, thanks for these overly vague words of wisdom, I will definitely get on that ummm… next week? Knowing what you need to do is only part of the equation, actually learning how to implement it when life is crazy is the other major piece.

As a health coach and a busy mama of two this is what I am passionate about. Educating and empowering women with the proper tools to be the mom, business owner, care taker and bad ass woman that they want to be.

Today I want to give you these tools. The 4 strategies you need to consistently make your health a priority, so you can hit those goals and feel your absolute best for your life! If you are sick of telling yourself you will start next week or tired of starting and stopping because life gets too busy, then this is for you!

1. Establish a morning routine

Listen, I know you are tired, and I know getting up earlier feels almost impossible but I promise you this is worth it. Starting the day on your terms allows YOU to set the tone for your day. Do you really want your screaming toddler to dictate how the rest of your day is going to go? The trick for a good morning routine is understanding that we are all unique and require different routines. What works for me may not work for you, so be curious and play with it! If you are new to the morning routine game here are a few ideas to try…. mediate, journal, stretch, workout, create a gratitude practice, read a non-fiction book or just drink some delicious coffee in the peace and quiet. Play with a routine that feels right to you and practice starting your day with intention. This, I promise, is a game changer.

2. Plan ahead and make it a nonnegotiable

It’s not glamorous but trust me it is crucial. Crossing your fingers and hoping that you will find the time to squeeze in your workout or make that healthy meal is just not a good strategy. On Sunday, I want you to plan out your non negotiables for the week. The things that you know will have a significant impact on feeling your best and hitting those health goals. Now, here is the trick, it is crucial that you commit to these as nonnegotiables. Life will come up, there will always be one more email, one more pile of laundry to fold or a dishwasher that needs unloading. You are mom, which means your time and attention will always be needed in a lot of directions. But as of now, you are choosing your health first and not allowing these other daily tasks to take priority over your personal goals and self-care.

3. Set realistic goals

Yes, I see you over there planning out those daily hour-long workouts and your intense meal prep strategy. I love your enthusiasm, but consistency is more important than how much you can do. Focus on setting realistic goals for yourself and your lifestyle. Doing too much too fast is and always will be a recipe for “falling off the wagon.” Remember this, there is no finish line for being healthy. So, when you are setting the goals for the week be honest with yourself and start small. Let go off the need to have perfection and focus more on progress, because I promise, small consistent steps compound to massive results!

4. Set up support

This is new and it may feel hard so don’t do this alone. You wouldn’t go tell your child to go teach himself Spanish, would you? You would probably help him study, maybe get him a Spanish teacher or tutor right? I want you to treat yourself the same way you would your child. Start by telling your significate other or closest friend that you are making these changes and ask for the support you need. Second, find an accountability partner from a friend or coach. This is very important because they will help you to push past old patterns and keep going when life and stress pops up along the way! Be honest with what you need and create the support necessary for you to truly make your health a priority. Just think, what would happen if you chose yourself for the next 30 days?

There is no better time then today to start implementing these changes and reap the benefits from them. You can absolutely do this and I promise that your future self will thank you for putting in the work now! If you are feeling overwhelmed by this list then I want you to just pick one place to start and go from there, remember, we are avoiding doing too much too fast.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Schedule a free 15-minute discovery session with me, and we will uncover the best place for you to start to make your health a priority for good!

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