Ask Me Anything Call

If you have a child that already falls asleep independently but you are looking for general advice regarding their sleep, this is a great option for you. This is a one hour call to ask me anything and everything that you are wanting help with. This service does not include a sleep plan or follow up support. 


Sleep Sweet

Three Week Package and Includes: 

  • A Step by Step Sleep Plan tailored to your child's age, personality and your parenting style.

  • A 60-90 minute consultation. 

  • 4 phone calls.

  • Daily email and Voxer support. 

Infant: $395| Toddler: $450

Bedtime Bundle

Three Week Package that includes all the support of the "Sleep Sweet" package PLUS:

  • In home support for the first 2 hours of bedtime on night one of the plan. This is a great option if you are committed to making changes but apprehensive about the process as I will be there in real time to help coach and answer questions. 

Infant: $695| Toddler: $795 | Virtual: $575

Newborn Package (0-6 weeks):

Start healthy sleep habits from day one of bringing baby home from the hospital by helping your newborn learn developmentally appropriate sleep skills. This is a very gentle approach to meet your baby where they are at and develop great sleep without traditional sleep training. 

  • Sleep goals, schedules and instructions for promoting independent sleep for the first 12 weeks of life. 

  • Weekly calls to discuss current milestones and progressions.

  • Resources for developmental growth and sleep. 

ask about the newborn guide

Toddler Transition Package

This is a great option for those of you who are ready to transition your "good sleeper" to a Big Kid Bed and want to make sure that their sleep remains on track. For kids 2.5 and older. 

This is a one week package that includes:

  • A Step by Step Plan

  • One hour consultation

  • Daily email and voxer support

More Info

In home consultations are an added cost of $50 for travel. Clients must be within a 20 mile radius. 

Toddler Prices are for children 2 years and up. 

Siblings will have a price discount dependent on ages and sleeping arrangements. 

New Client: $195
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