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...just a few from parents like you!

14 month old girl: 

Marin was so helpful for your family. My then 14 month old was taking two naps and had to transition to one when starting daycare. She helped make transition absolutely seamless and also helped teach her how to soothe/settle independently. Magical -Nawal

4 month old girl:

Working with Marin has been life changing for our family. As first time parents, it was so helpful to have a program to follow and gave us confidence in our decisions. Not only are we sleeping better but most importantly, our baby is and is a much happier baby. -Stacie

4 month old Twins: 

I wish I found Marin sooner. I followed a recommendation and used Sleepily Ever After for my twins and have gone from inconsistent and opposite sleep times, to 12 hours of sleep at night at the same time, with awesome naps. Marin offered support and encouragement the whole way, and talked out any concerns or hiccups we encountered. Within 2 weeks, I had two happy twins. -Rachel

10 month old boy:

Marin changed our lives. I had a tough 10 month old who I truly thought would never sleep through the night. We had to rock him to sleep every time. Within 3 days he was putting himself to sleep without being rocked, sleeping through the night and taking perfect naps throughout the day. -Ashley

19 month old boy: 

Marin is a lifesaver. My 19 month old had a big sleep regression when I brought home our new baby. Marin got him back on track within a couple of days. And his screaming and fighting naps/ bedtime resolved quickly. Couldn't have been more impressed with her knowledge and expertise...not to mention her very sweet and likeable personality. -Bree 

12 month old girl:

When I met Marin, my daughter was sleeping in our bed and still breastfeeding throughout the night at one. I had made a couple of attempts at sleep training and was making no progress. Marin was practical and created a plan that worked for our whole family. With this plan, my daughter was sleeping though the night by night 4! Marin genuinely care and I would make the investment 100 times again knowing what I know now. -Brittany

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